How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

  1. Probe the Wood Trim.
  2. Check the Gutters.
  3. Use Compacted Soil.
  4. Examine the Chimney.
  5. Inspect the Concrete.
  6. Move Firewood.
  7. Check Outside Faucets.
  8. Service the AC Unit.
  9. Scrub Walls, Baseboards and Outlets.
  10. Replace Filters.
  11. Check Foundation Vents.
  12. Wash Exterior Windows.
  13. Clean the Grill. (YAY! It’s Almost Time!)
  14. Test Smoke Alarms. (We Recommend Doing This every Time Daylight Savings Comes Around.)
  15. Clean Outdoor Furniture
  16. Think About Cleaning the Air in Your House, Too.
  17. Trim The Trees
  18. Inspect the Roof
  19. Power Wash Siding
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