Outdoor Kitchens: The Pros and Cons

If you own a home with a deck, patio or porch, you may have contemplated adding an outdoor kitchen. Certainly, the photos in all the home magazines and house websites look very enticing; however, there are several things to think over before hiring the contractor. Briefly, here are the pros and cons of having an outdoor kitchen:

The Good Things:

INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME–Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. If you are planning to sell your house in a few years, an outdoor kitchen will definitely attract the potential buyers and give you an edge over other sellers.

NO WALLS! No limit to design and color scheme.

NO SMELL LEFT BEHIND. You love seafood and sometimes even the highest setting on the exhaust hood cannot dispel the odor from cooking your favorite fish inside. With an outdoor kitchen–no worries!

HEAT AND THOSE SUMMER COOLING BILLS–Here in Southern Virginia summer temps soar and cooking indoors heats the whole house. This in turn makes your air conditioner work that much harder to cool your home.

EASY ACCESS AND ENTERTAINMENT VALUE–How wonderful would it be to spend more time enjoying and entertaining your guests on your deck or patio without having to travel back and forth to the kitchen?

The Not-So-Good Things:

WEATHER–Severe weather, such as blizzards and heavy winds could possibly affect your appliances. Make sure you purchase outdoor appliances and covers for them.

THEFT AND CRITTERS–Unless your backyard is highly secure, you risk theft. Obviously, it would take quite the thief to make off with your outdoor refrigerator; however, smaller items or refrigerator contents can be spirited away. It’s also a good idea to adequately prepare your outdoor kitchen to prevent animals from taking up residence.

With a little forethought, the addition of an outdoor kitchen provides convenience, luxury and fun. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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